Happy Birthday to me!

Published: March 31, 2020

It’s my Birthday!

Good morning everyone! Pansy Kemp here from Remax Integrity in Corvallis. It’s a beautiful March the 31st, and an extra special day for me because…it’s my birthday!  Happy birthday to me! We’re having a break in our showers this morning at my house and I thought I would pop outside and do an exterior video message for you this morning. You can hear the birds chirping… one of my favorite sounds in life and my beautiful umbrella trees are just starting to blossom which makes me so happy!

I am relishing this time, to be perfectly honest. I know there’s a lot of fear, a lot of uncertainty and certainly a lot of unknown in our lives right now, but it’s also a blessing. This is time to reconnect with our families. Reach out and talk to the people we haven’t spoken to in a while, and just be grateful for all the beautiful blessings in each of our lives.

I really, really, am grateful for each of you and all the blessings that are bestowed upon me every day.

Questions about Real Estate

In reaching out to a lot of you, which I’m trying to do right now amongst working, I keep getting the same questions over and over: “Pansy, are you working? Is real estate… like what’s happening with real estate?”

And so I thought that would be the focus of my visit chat with you this morning.  Yes, real estate is still alive. You know there are three things in life that are certainly essential. That is food, clothing, and shelter and therefore real estate is considered an essential service.

Here in the state of Oregon real estate is still thriving. We’ve certainly seen a dip. There’s unfortunately some families and individuals out there who’ve had to hit the pause button on their real estate journey, simply because of slowdowns or even unfortunate layoffs with their employment currently. But this too shall pass. This is a chapter in our lives. It’s certainly been an interesting one for all of us and it’s gonna be really interesting to see how it unfolds.

I’m definitely wanting to share the message with all of you: that if you do have real estate in your life’s journey this year or in the next couple of years, definitely reach out to a real estate professional. I’m here for all of you and would love to have a conversation with you, whether you are a potential Buyer, or if you are a Seller and you’re going to be listing your home for sale.

Perhaps you had planned to either buy or sell this spring and are now loaded with a lot of questions and uncertainty and have decided to hit your personal pause button. Please reach out to me, we need to have a conversation!

There’s great opportunity also being presented at times like this. As a Buyer we do definitely have the challenge of reduced inventory, but the bonus and positive side of that is there’s less competition for you as a Buyer and so you’ve got more bargaining power with the Sellers.

The flip side of that table, of course, is for the Sellers. There is a lack of inventory and so pricing is a key strategy that we’re really going to evaluate at a deeper level. And there’s a lot of Sellers out there who have decided, “Nope, I am NOT going to list my home right now because I just don’t know what’s happening. I’ll just do it later this year.”

Don’t Delay

So my message to all Buyers and Sellers is, if you are postponing and planning to list later you could potentially be missing out on wonderful opportunities right now.

I did a virtual tour yesterday for one of my clients who’s not comfortable leaving her home currently, and I bumped into two other agents and their clients at the property yesterday.

So if you are contemplating doing anything in real estate this year, please touch base with me. Let’s have a virtual cup of coffee! Nothing would make me happier than to do that or glass of wine if you prefer… I’m not a beer drinker, so but by all means please reach out to me!

Virtual Cup Of Coffee

I hope that you and your families are all well and healthy and making the best of this opportunity that we have been given right now, and finding the good in each and every day. Again I’m here for all of you. I would love to have that virtual cup of coffee. Send me a text, an email or better yet, just pick up the phone and say Hi!

The best birthday present all of you can give to me, would be to pick up the phone and say Hi. Blessings to all, love you all, and Bye-bye for now!

Happy Birthday to me!
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